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With its 22-year publishing history, Kids Life Magazine is a household name in the region. We cater to a local, highly targeted niche of 40,000+ with exclusive access to backpacks in area preschools, private/public elementary schools and distribution locations around town. If you want to reach anyone with children in their lives or a large female audience, we're THE place to be.


Not sure if print advertising works? Read some of our most recent feedback from both sponsoring advertisers and readers below, along with some information that just might make you think again....

With options to fit every budget, we love helping local businesses thrive! 

To request our media kit, please email:

Sponsoring Advertiser Testimonials:

The Alabama Choir School has chosen to advertise with Kid's Life Magazine for many, many years. We felt the need and desire to advertise with them during our "up years" prior to the pandemic, when our numbers of singers were high, and we KNEW we had to continue to advertise our services and offerings during our "down years" during and now on the tail end of the pandemic. 

The main difference between then and now is that during the "up times" we would almost never ask any new auditionees where they had heard about us, and NOW, we ask every single singer auditioning for us exactly where they heard about the Alabama Choir School. After tracking this every semester over the last few years, we have had our advertising costs with Kid's Life MORE than 100% returned to us with new members in our ranks that read about us in our ads in your magazine!


We don't decide whether we will advertise any more, but only what our ad should look like each quarter. THANK YOU for all you do for us, Kid's Life Magazine!          

~Doff Procter, Artistic Director, Alabama Choir School

I have advertised in Kids Life for most of the 15 years that I have been in business. I continue to enroll new students and many learn about me through Kids Life.  I am excited about new expanded coverage and look forward to submitting dates for the Summer Camp issue!  The staff is delightful to work with, always accommodating and helpful.        

~Ann Foster, Owner, Brushstrokes

Teachers and parents at The Capitol School appreciate receiving copies of Kids Life to learn about local opportunities for our children. The photographs and graphic design are so appealing and captures the life of Tuscaloosa and Northport. As advertisers, we love being included in the summer camp issue. The staff is efficient and professional—working with them is always a delight.    

~Barbara Rountree, Ed.D., Director, The Capitol School “Alabama's International School”


Reader Testimonials: 

I have enjoyed reading Kids Life since it first came out. The stories are so enjoyable. There is a lot of helpful information each time. The magazine is so colorful and easy to read. Keep up the good work.” 

“I love looking for activities for my grandchildren in there.”

“The parents are really enjoying them, keep them coming!” 

Why Advertise in Print?

Engaged Audience

The world we live in today is full of multitaskers who have short attention spans. The benefit of magazines is that when readers pick them up, their full attention is on the magazine. They don’t have the option to read a magazine with one hand while checking their Instagram with the other. When someone picks up a magazine, they focus and engage with the text and ads.

This is your target market 

If your business is local, then your local magazine is the ideal way to speak directly to your potential customers. They are interested and involved in their local community, so they will be interested in you too. Because they are proud of where they live, readers will probably prefer to buy from local businesses. 

Being noticed 

There’s a lot of media traffic out there, and we learn to filter it. In a magazine, there are only so many pages, with just a few advertisements on each page. You have a much better chance of being noticed and your local advertisements will be more memorable than their digital equivalents. 

Opportunities to be seen 

While online and social media are ‘in the moment’, your local magazine has staying power. It might stay on a coffee table, in an office or café for a whole month, or until the next edition is published. It might be shared with family and friends. That means your advertisement can be seen over and over again. A magazine delivered to a household (or doctor’s office, or hair salon) is typically viewed by several people and each one of those people is likely to see your ad more than once over weeks or even months as they pick the issue up to finish an article or reread a favorite.

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