2020 Summer Camps and Programs 




There’s nothing HOTTER than summer at ABJ, voted Best of the Best for the Third Year in a row! From our tiniest tots to our most advanced teens, ABJ offers a variety of options for your favorite dancer. 



Our nationally acclaimed Preschool Program offers ballet/tap combination classes, as well as hippity hop classes for our youngest students in a loving, nurturing environment. Creative Movement for dancers ages 2-4 years old and Pre-Combo for dancers ages 4-6 years old incorporates ballet and tap in an exciting, FUNdamental class. Hippity Hop for dancers ages 4-6 years old introduces the basics of hip hop in an upbeat, high-energy class. We also offer several camps for our younger dancers during the summer such as: Princess Camp, Frozen Camp, Mermaid Camp, and Hippity Hop & Flippity Flop Camps! You will NOT want to miss these exciting three-day events, only at ABJ!




ABJ is West Alabama's premier studio for dancers who want to have fun! Our ever-popular Recreational Program offers an array of class genres for dancers of all levels (ages 6-17 years old). It’s never too late to start taking, or return to, dance classes at ABJ. Ballet/Jazz Combo, Tap, Hip Hop and Contemporary classes are available. 







Bama Bounders is located at 720 14th Street, Tuscaloosa and is owned by Erin Holdefer- Kightlinger and her husband Eric. Erin is a former University of Alabama gymnast and member of the 2002 National Championship team. 

Our gymnastics day camps are open to all ability levels. We offer a safe and fun learning environment for all of our campers! Skills will be taught on all four events - vault, bars, beam floor - for girls as well as rings, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse, vault and floor for boys. Everyone gets to jump on the trampoline!! There is a different theme each week with games, activities and art projects to go along with the theme. This is a great opportunity for beginners who are new to gymnastics and want to give it a try as well as those who have been in gymnastics and are looking to improve the skills they have and learn some new ones! 

We are offering full day, half day and Preschool camps every all summer long beginning the week of June 1st and going through July 31st. 

FULL DAY CAMP – Monday – Friday - 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Girls and Boys ages 5-14
Pre-Registered prices - Members - $155 and Non-Members - $165 Walk in price - $170 

A different theme each week. Gymnastics, games, contests, arts and crafts, FRIDAY FUN DAY with a Fun Friday surprise activity each week, Pizza and Snow Cones ($4), and so much more! 

HALF DAY CAMP – Monday – Friday – 8:00 a.m. – 12 noon Girls and Boys ages 5-14
Pre-Registered prices - Members - $99 and Non-Member - $110 Walk in price - $115 

A different theme each week. Gymnastics, games, art projects, FRIDAY FUN DAY with a special Fun Friday surprise activity each week, Snow Cones ($4) and so much more! 

PRESCHOOL CAMP CAMP – Monday – Friday – 8:00 a.m. – 12 noon Girls and Boys ages 3-5 (must be completely potty trained!) Pre-Registered prices - Members - $99 and Non-Member - $110 Walk in price - $115 

A different theme each week. Gymnastics, games, art projects, FRIDAY FUN DAY with a special Fun Friday surprise activity each week, Snow Cones ($4) and so much more! 

We also offer before care and after care for all of our camps for an additional fee. A $50 non- refundable deposit is required to hold your spot for our camps. 

Summer Session of classes begins Monday, June 1st. Gymnastics classes are available for both girls and boys ages 18 months – 18 years. We also offer Girls and Boys Competitive teams, Tumbling classes, Preschool Playtime,  Parent’s Night Out, Open Gym, Birthday Parties, Field Trips, School and Holiday Camps and more! Please call (205) 861-2436 for summer information or if you have any questions. Visit our website to register online: www.thebamabounders.com or for more information. 


Brushstrokes is located in a spacious, bright and exciting studio in downtown Northport. Ann’s over 30 years of professional art education experience in the Tuscaloosa City and County schools blend her career knowledge and academic training into an innovative approach to art instruction. Along with after school classes, Ann also offers Summer Camp classes. Summer camps are two weeks long Mon-Thurs. 


Camp 1   June 15-25; 12:30-2:30

Camp 2   July 6-16; 12:30-2:30

Camp 3   July 20-30; 12:30-2:30


Teen Drawing Classes meet Thursday mornings, 9:30-11:30 for 6 weeks

June 11,18,25 and July 9,16,23,30 (one Thursday date is a make-up if needed)



Call Ann at 657-0199 to reserve your place or contact her via email at annsbrushstrokes@gmail.com. Visit Brushstrokes online at www.annsbrushstrokes.com.



The Capitol School

Summer Explorations 2020


Session 1: May 26- June 5


AM Cooking Around the World - Mrs. Kathy McGuire, A.M.S. - Additional Fee - $25 - Search around the world to find unique but yummy recipes. The children will chop, mix, measure, and prepare many snacks while learning kitchen safety, table manners, and food groups. We will add a dash of geography, too. $275 (with fee)


PM Rainbow Adventure - Mrs. Kelsea Butler. A.A. - Rainbows are wonderful, colorful and beautiful! In this session, we will mix colors, create art , sing, read books, and enjoy all sorts of colorful snacks. $250


K-1st grades

AM Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? - Mrs. Courtney Sanders, B.S., M.Ed - Prepare to become a detective and solve an exciting case to bring in the elusive super sleuth, Carmen Sandiego. Through the use of problem-solving, geography, history, culture, technology, students will embark on a fun adventure! $250


PM Insects, Spiders, and Creepy Crawlers - Mrs. Margaret L. Hill, B.S., M.S., Ed.S - Insects, spiders, and other creepy crawlers are among the most numerous organisms on Earth. Fascinating for young children, this topic is used to develop the skills scientists use such as close observation, sorting/classifying, predicting, experimenting, recording, and reporting. $250


2nd - 3rd grades

AM Lego Creators: da Vinci Style - Mr. Deric Whatley, B.A., M.M. - We will use Legos to learn about the amazing inventions and structures of Leonardo da Vinci. From bridges, to helicopters, to catapults, da Vinci’s creativity will be our playground! $250


PM Weather: STEM Style - Mrs. Lauren Amundson, B.S., M.A. - Weather: STEM Style is all about utilizing STEM while learning about the wonders of weather. This means your little engineer will be presented with a problem, challenged to find a solution, reflect and resolve any issues, in order to recreate. $250


4th - 6th grades

AM Outdoor Adventures - Ms. Jenni Jensen, B.S., M.A. - Additional fee: $30 - This camp is full of adventure and skills for shooting with a bow, fishing, hiking, canoeing, and camping while learning about the great outdoors! $280


PM Baking Around the World - Mrs. Courtney Sanders, B.S., M. Ed. - Additional fee: $25 - Grab your apron and passport to travel the world with us. We’ll prepare delicious desserts from around the globe! This class will focus on the science and mathematics of baking while exploring the geography and culture of the countries that we study in our baking endeavors.  $275


Middle School


PM Robotics - Miss Keiosha R. Quarles, B.A. First, students will learn about the impact of automation and robotics as they explore mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation and computer control systems.  Using the VEX Robotics and Legos platforms, students will apply what they know to design and program working mechanisms and robots. The goal is for each student to be able to program using block codes. Students will learn the basics of coding, programming, web development & design, and data.   Next, apply their programming knowledge through programming Edison Robots to interface with a myriad of other technological devices. The ultimate goal is to have students move beyond block coding to learn other programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. $250


Session 2: June 8 - 19


AM All About Horses - Mrs. Margee Freeman, B.S., M.A. - Children will learn parts of the horse, how to groom, and get to ride a pony on the last day of class. Horses and ponies will come to our class for us to groom and we will meet a farrier. We’ll learn lots of new vocabulary, songs and stories. Come ride with us! $250


PM A Bug’s Life - Mrs. Kaitlin Redborg. M.F.A. - Let the world of science come alive for your child this summer as they learn all about the amazing world of insects and spiders that live all around us. $250


K - 1st grade

AM Legos - Mrs. Margaret L. Hill, B.S., M.S., Ed.S. - A student’s success in math and reading has been linked by research to the development of spatial reasoning. Building with Legos is an excellent way to develop Visual-Spatial Intelligence and the small motor skills used in handwriting. Students will practice following step-by-step instructions and will have opportunities to develop problem-solving skills. $250


PM - Book Adventures - Mrs. Tiffany B. Cross, B.S., M.S. - Get ready for new adventures as we explore a variety of favorite books during our two weeks together. Students will make, create and have fun emerging themselves in a world of imagination. $250


2nd - 3rd grade


AM Board Game Designers - Mrs. Kaitlin Redborg, B.A., M.F.A. - Everyone loves to play board games!  They are not only fun but they are incredible at teaching important skills and concepts like; problem solving strategies, logical thinking, team work, good sportsmanship, concentration, math and reading comprehension. $250


PM Amazing Math - Mrs. Kiesha Matthews, B.S., M.Ed. - Students will enjoy completing a wide variety of activities as they practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, time, geometry, word problems, and money. These activities will include math centers, solving word problems, games, drawing pictures, and making real life connections with math. $250


4th - 6th grades

AM Music, Math, Fitness and Fun! - Mr. Deric Whatley, B.A., M.M. - Did you know that music and fitness are full of opportunities to use your math skills? Come explore how these 3 subjects relate! We will learn about rhythm, tempo, distances and measurements. We will also have fun playing games that will stretch our minds and bodies! $250


PM Building Bridges - Mr. Talmage McDonald, B.S., M. Ed., Ed.S. - How would you like to be an architect in charge of building bridges that must withstand the stress of weather and traffic? Bridges connect states, towns, streets and lives. Your task includes designing and building four types of bridges. $250


Middle School

PM Design-Build-Test - Mrs. Cayla Richardson, B.S. - Additional Fee: $10 - Build a catapult to test your aim, drop an egg from 10 feet and cross your fingers that it does not break. Come and see if a piece of paper standing on edge can hold a heavy book in Design-Build-Test summer exploration. Students will design, build, and test various contraptions over the course of two weeks. $260


Session 3: June 22 - July 3



AM Dictionary Detectives - Mrs. Margee Freeman, B.S., M.A. - Scavenger hunts, word clues, and daily mysteries promise to engage your child each day. This class will help each child learn letter sounds with class-wide detective games. Come and solve one of our mysteries and be a dictionary detective. $250

PM Artful Architecture - Mrs. Kelsea Butler - We will discover what it means to be an architect and create many things with various materials. We will study the Seven Wonders of the World along with many other structures and build wonders of our own. Come create something magical with us! $250


K - 1st grades


AM Fossil Finders - Mrs. Kaitlin Redborg, M.F.A. - Join us on our expedition into the past as we learn about the animals that inhabited our planet millions of years ago. Your child will participate in a variety of fun activities, read stories, and make crafts to learn all about paleontology.  We will look at real fossils and do some digging of our own where each child will get to take home a plant or animal fossil. We will use the tools Paleontologists use to prepare fossils and make plaster casts of animal trackways like the pros. $250


PM   Books, Books, Books! - Mrs. Nora Durham - The students will be enjoying story books from all over the world. We will be exploring different folk tales from different cultures and places through books, video clips and speakers coming to visit and share. They will learn about important authors and illustrators of books familiar to them. $250


2nd - 3rd grades

AM The Science of Music - Mr. Deric Whatley, B.A., M.M. - Come have fun learning about science and music as we explore the science behind vibrations. We will use a variety of musical instruments as we compare vibrations and sounds. We will also record ourselves making music! $250


PM Nailed It! - Mrs. Kaitlin Redborg, B.A., M.F.A. - Additional fee: $25 - Learn the basics of creative cooking through daily food challenges! Each day students will work in small groups and participate in a friendly cooking competition. Students will use math, critical thinking and reading skills learning to follow, adjust and convert recipes. They will learn about the science of food and why different techniques yield different results! In addition to learning about preparing delicious foods, we will explore ways we can make them more nutritious by using better ingredients.$275


4th - 6th grades

AM Hubble Space Explorations - Mrs. Shelli Lavender, B.S., M. Ed. - This special two-week session zooms in on our Solar System, our Milky Way galaxy and our universe!  During this session, explorers will learn the history of the Hubble Telescope and what amazing images of our galaxy it gives us all the time, and discover current research projects that NASA is running today! $250


PM Nailed It! - Mrs. Kaitlin Redborg, B.A., M.F.A. - Additional fee: $25 - Learn the basics of creative cooking through daily food challenges! Each day students will work in small groups and participate in a friendly cooking competition. Students will use math, critical thinking and reading skills learning to follow, adjust and convert recipes. They will learn about the science of food and why different techniques yield different results! In addition to learning about preparing delicious foods, we will explore ways we can make them more nutritious by using better ingredients. $275


High School

PM ACT Prep for English - Mr. Jon Hancock, B.S., M.S. This two week afternoon class meets daily 1:00 - 5:00 for high schoolers to prepare for the English section of the ACT college admission exam.   Parents should first register with ACT prior to June 19 deadline for $46 at https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/registration.html for your teen to take the ACT test on Saturday, July 19 at UA.   After two weeks of focusing on history and English sections, your student will be better prepared to take the ACT on Saturday, July 18. $250


Session 4: July 6 - 17




AM Fairytale Theater: Stories From Around the World - Mrs. Kaitlin Redborg, M.F.A. - Step inside the world of knights, dragons, and fairies through timeless literature.  Each day we will explore a classic fairytale as well as an unfamiliar fairytale from another culture. Engage your childs’ love of pretend play, and storytelling to learn about world geography and explore different cultures. $250

PM Art and Music Around the World - Mrs. Kaitlin Redborg, M.F.A. - Each day your child will explore the art, music, instruments and dances of a different world culture.  $250


K - 1st grades

AM Mathematical Thinking with Coding, Robotics, and Animation - Mrs. Courtney Sanders - Have you ever wanted to design your own video game, create a cartoon, or direct a robot’s movements? Through the use of innovative technology and educational programs, students as young as 5 can become familiar with the skills needed for computer programming, animation, and robotics.  In this class we will use iPads, computers, Ozobots, and Bloxels to achieve our coding goals.  $250


PM Under the Big Top - Mrs. Sheila Hallman, B.S., M.A. - Children will enjoy art, music, food and literacy activities as they go “Under the Big Top”.  Using a circus theme, we will learn about the animals, people and activities involved in creating a circus. $250


2nd - 3rd grades

AM The World of STEM - Mrs. Lauren Amundson, B.S., M.A. - The World of STEM is all about integrating STEM strategies with geography and places around the world. Your child will recreate landmarks, architecture, and natural wonders of the world. $250


PM Harry Potter STEAM - Mrs. Courtney Sanders - Additional fee: $10 - Welcome to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math with a little bit of magic too.  No need to bring a wand, we will use circuits to build our own, mix potions, build structures out of unusual building materials, recreate recipes from the books and more! $260


4th- 6th grades

AM Studio Time - Mr. Deric Whatley, B.A., M.M. - What makes musical instruments work? We will explore this by discussing acoustic (the scientific study of sound) and basic building techniques. Next, as we build our instruments, we will learn to play them by studying our notes, rhythms, and other aspects of music. We will record our performances on our new instruments. $250


PM Crime Scene Investigation - Mr. Talmage McDonald, B.S., M. Ed., Ed.S. - Learn to use the methods of a crime scene technician to study and analyze evidence related to a crime.  Observe, classify, compare, use numbers, measure, predict, interpret data, and draw inferences to help solve a case!    $250


High School

PM ACT Prep for Math and Science - Mrs. Cayla Richardson, B.S. This two week afternoon class meets daily 1:00 - 5:00 for high schoolers to prepare for the science and math sections of the ACT college admission exam.   Parents should first register with ACT prior to June 19 deadline for $46 at https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/registration.html for your teen to take the ACT test on Saturday, July 19 at UA.   After two weeks of focusing on science and math sections, your student will be better prepared to take the ACT on Saturday, July 18. Note ACT’s calculator policy at  https://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/ACT-calculator-policy.pdf $250


Session 5 : July 20 - 31




AM Introduction to Montessori - Mrs. Margee Freeman, B.S. M.A. - A wonderful and fun transition back to school. We will build mazes and towers, as well as discover writing in the sand, and pouring at the water table. Each day children will be introduced to a new lesson. $250


PM Dinosaurs Around The World–Old And New - Mrs. Kathy McGuire, A.M.S. - Most preschoolers love learning about dinosaurs. We will learn about some of their favorite dinosaurs - and include the latest dinosaur discoveries from around the world. This will give us an opportunity to discuss where and when specific dinosaurs were discovered. World geography will be a big part of this fun class! $250


K - 1st grade


AM STEM - Mrs. Margaret L. Hill, B.S., M.S., Ed. S. - STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students will be introduced to problems that need to be solved through developing ideas in these areas. $250


PM Endangered Species – Animals of the World - Mrs. Nora Durham - Learn about the many different endangered species of animals around the world including elephants, tigers, gorillas, and others. The class will adopt an endangered animal in The Capitol School’s name. Students will read books, draw pictures, and study about these animals and what can be done to save them. $250  


2nd - 3rd grades


AM Read, Play, Run! - Mr. Deric Whatley, B.A., M.M. - Come join us as we get ready for the new school year. We will read together and play great games that challenge our minds. We will also get our bodies ready for PE by running and playing games outside. $250


PM A Book and A Movie - Mrs. Kiesha Matthews, B.S., M.Ed - This class takes advantage of the phenomenon of film versions of literature by asking students to compare and contrast books with their movie counterparts. The process of comparing and contrasting teaches students to think critically about different forms of media presented to them. $250

4th-6th grades

AM World Geography Explorations- Mrs. Shelli Lavender, B.S., M. Ed. - The National Geographic Bee happens each winter across the US for students in grades 4-8. In preparation, this Summer Explorations session takes our students on a "globe-trotting" excursion around the US and the World. We will "visit" famous landmarks on all our inhabited continents. $250


PM Fishing, Hiking, and Boating Adventure - Mr John Durham, B.S., M.A., Ed.S. - This adventure class will take us on daily field trips. Rarely will be sitting in a classroom. Students will travel on a school van as we head to the hills, lakes and rivers that surround Tuscaloosa for hikes, fishing, bird-watching, and boating. $250 




Little Princess Camp – July 14-16 for  Ages 3-5

Calling all little princesses for a week of fun filled activities!  Back by popular demand! Each day we will be visited by a beautiful princess who will dance with us and read her story! 

Mermagical Mermaids and Shimmering Swans – June 28-30 for Ages 4-5 and 6-8

Tiny ballerinas will dance and leap across the lily pad lagoon as mermagical mermaids and shimmering swans in this sparkling summer camp! Dancers will focus on ballet basics and creative movement, as well as fun + fancy, imaginative activities and fin-tastic feathery crafts!


Drop It Like It’s Hot (Outside)! – June 23-25 for Ages 4-7 and 8-11

Hip Hop til you Drop! Let your little diva or dude come and learn the coolest moves.  We will have a blast listening to fun music and learning ways to express all of that summer energy into some super fun dance combos!!


JoJo D.R.E.A.M Camp   June 30-July 2 Ages 4-6 and 7-9

Come be a Rockstar like JoJo Siwa!  We will dance to JoJo music, wear JoJo Bows, and learn the hippest dance moves!! Let us help your little diva chase after their biggest dreams, gain confidence, and feel like a rockstar!!


A FROZEN ADVENTURE  July 7-9 Ages 3-5 and 6-9

Come on a frozen adventure with Elsa, Ana, and Olaf!  We will go into the Unknown, build a snowman, and let it go!!  Special guest appearances from your favorite characters!

Tumble Monkeys July 21-23 Ages 4-6 and 7-9

A fun acrobatic camp to work on tumbling skills, flexibility, and strength.  A combination of levels with be catered to and your camper will go bananas over it!


Register before April 5th and receive an additional $25 off the camp price!

Also OPEN Technique classes during the summer for all ages! Looking to improve your technique?  Dance with us all summer! Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Hip Hop and more.   No long-term commitment. Customize your schedule according to your summer plans! 



1.    visit our WEBSITE at www.thedancecentre.net and register online.

2.    Download our new STUDIO APP and register online

3.    CALL our office at (205) 752-5354 - Monday - Thursday 12:00-6:00pm.

4.    EMAIL us at welcome@thedancecentre.net  



Forest Lake United Methodist Church offers an excellent opportunity for your child to grow spiritually, emotionally and socially during the summer. Summer Camp activities encourage physical development and continue the learning process throughout the summer. The Weekday Kids Program Summer Camp provides children, entering 1st-7th Grade, with a safe, worry free environment so they can Just Be A Kid.

 At FLUM we offer:

· Arts &Crafts

· Indoor Gym and outdoor play space available.

· Daily Devotions

· Weekly Swimming at Bowers Park

· Weekly Water days at Shelby Park

· Games and Sports

· Reading time

· Skating onsite

· Degreed Teacher/College students for Counselors

· No extra fees


Summer Camp 2020:
7:30 am-5:30 pm
Enrollment Fee: $50 
Tuition Fees: $100 weekly or $30 daily

Camp T-shirt $15
Camp Fees include two snacks a day, supplies, and all field trips

Contact us:  205-758-6623 or WDKSummerCamp@hotmail.com



Mary's Cakes and Pastries

Mary's Cakes and Pastries offers summer baking camps in downtown Northport. Each 3-day session is limited to six students, giving children ample opportunity for small group learning in a professional kitchen. Sessions run Tuesday-Thursday, from 11:30 to 2:30, and include lunch, snacks, and children take home the treats they make. The cost per session is $249 per student, and includes supplies, snacks, plus a t-shirt and bandana. Spaces are held with a $99 non-refundable online deposit. http://www.maryscakesandpastries.com/product/summer-cooking-camp-registration/




BAKERY EXPERIENCE (Ages 6-8): This is a baking fundamentals class focusing on proper measuring, following recipes, and other essential baking skills. We’ll make cinnamon rolls, dog treats, pizza, cookies, cupcakes and buttercream.


SESSION 1: June 2-4

SESSION 4: June 23-25


MASTER BAKER (Ages 9+): This covers more advanced baking skills such as meringues and macarons, pie crusts and pop tarts, and yeast bread. We’ll make French macarons, pop tarts and mini pies, plus pizza, yeast pretzels and stuffed rolls.


SESSION 2: June 9-11

SESSION 5: July 7-9


CAKE DECORATING (Ages 9+): This is a straight forward cake design and decorating class, focusing on buttercream and fondant. This session is limited to children and young adults ages 9 and up.


SESSION 3: June 16-18

SESSION 6: July 14-16

SESSION 7: July 21-23




Summer is a time for fun, but it’s also when kids lose up to 3 months of their math skills. Called “the summer slide,” this seasonal learning loss can result in lower self-confidence and a lower chance of school success in the fall. This year's summer learning loss is especially frightening considering most students have spent an extra 2 months out of school. In only 2-3 sessions per week at Mathnasium, your child can avoid the summer slide and start the school year strong. Kids love our face-to-face instruction and fun activities. And if your child has plans to go on vacation or attend camp, no problem! Mathnasium fits with almost any schedule. We offer programs in-center, as well as online.


Don’t wait for summer, call today to schedule your student’s Risk-Free Assessment and to learn more about how we can make math make sense for your student! 


Located in Midtown Village

Contact: Joshua Edgar | Center Director

Call: 205.764.1901

Email: tuscaloosa@mathnasium.com



June 1-August 11 | 6:30am-5:30pm

  • Available to youth entering grades K-8

PARA is proud to serve our community with top quality summer day camp programming. We are working hard to develop plans to deliver day camp this summer in the most safe and efficient manner that follows Alabama Department of Public Health and CDC guidelines.

Date & Time

  • June 1 through August 19, Monday – Friday

  • Time: 6:30am – 5:30pm



    • Belk/Bowers Park (maximum 60)

    • Faucett (maximum 90)

    • Miller (maximum 60)

    • Phelps (maximum 60)

    • Tingle (maximum 30)



  • $30 Registration Fee-- Now Open! (Registration fee covers administrative costs and camp t-shirt.  Registration fee does NOT guarantee a spot in camp for the duration of the summer. Payment must be received for dates attending to guarantee a spot in camp.)

  • $99/week

    • The registration deadline for each week of camp is Friday at 5pm of the prior week.

  • $119/week late registration

    • Late registration will be available if capacity allows for $119 per week or $50 per day. Please help us plan ahead by signing up on time, so we can provide a safe and quality camp for our community.

  • Prices are per week, payable in advance. We will allow up to 5 drop-in campers per location each week, but we suggest you call in advance to see if space is available. Full-week registrations will take priority.

  • Discounts for siblings: (Discounts apply to the weekly rates. No discount on registration fee.)

    • 10% off for second child

    • 20% off for third child

    • 25% off for fourth child or more 

General Information

  • Campers must choose one location to register/participate for the entire summer.

  • Your child can expect to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air than in past years.

  • Maximum participation will be a smaller number than in past years.


All information is subject to change.





Blast Off Into Summer With Peterbrooke Chocolatier!

Have you ever wondered what goes into making chocolate? At Camp Peterbrooke, you will have the opportunity to learn about where chocolate comes from and the science of tempering chocolate. Learn how to make a chocolate bar, dip your own decadent treats and build a chocolate gift basket to take home. Our friendly and personal staff can't wait to spend a morning teaching you about the fun and wonders of chocolate. 

Ages 8 to adult. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays in June in July at 11am, 2pm and 6pm. 

Cost: $50 (T-shirt included)

Please call 205-752-0211 for more information. 



Vance Rose’s SwimKids offers year-round instruction at Fitness One, Northport Medical Center.  Classes are held in an 89 degree warm indoor pool and run on two and four week increments throughout the summer.


Spring session openings are still available and Summer classes begin May 18th.  Register online at www.swimkids.info or by phone, 752-SWIM (7946).  



Join us for Summer 2020 as TA continues its tradition of rich, fun, imaginative and stimulating camps.  Whether you are looking for something entertaining, educational or enriching, Summer Knights has an array of activities for various ages.    A few new camps this year include:  Follow Me Robot, Fun with Electronics & Circuitry, Magical Science, and Cakes & More Cakes.

Younger students (ages three through kindergarten) are invited to join our ever-popular preschool camp taught by certified and highly qualified preschool staff.  The curriculum focuses on literacy skills and numeracy that is balanced with play.  Three and four year-olds will benefit from fun child-centered activities involving creative exploration and imaginative play as they develop a thorough comprehension of how sounds, words and numbers work.  Five and six year-olds will further explore different activities and learn new exciting things as they hone reading and math skills in preparation for a successful kindergarten and first grade year.


The fun doesn’t stop with the younger students!  Our Squires (rising 1st -3rdgraders) and Knights (rising 4th -6th graders) are in for a true summer adventure.  With a lineup of activities, students can explore new things in a fun and safe environment.  The priority is for students have the adventure and thrills all while enjoying camps that are keeping them active and engaged during the summer without grades.  If you have an aspiring chef or cake boss, a budding artist, or the next Robotics Engineer, enroll your child in TA’s rewarding summer program.

Of course, we have options for the sports enthusiast as well as those simply wanting to try different sports for the first time.    These camps are designed to teach new skills and help fine tune skills in a fun and encouraging environment.  This is also a great way to focus on social and motor skills.

Tuscaloosa Academy Summer Knights program has an array of programs offered over 8 weeks.  Campers can choose to stay with us for half days or custom-build a full day at camp by choosing a morning and afternoon program.  If early drop-off and late pick-up are needed, early care (7:30am) and extended day (up to 5:30 pm) services are available.  

We are looking forward to many new camps and to you joining us this summer for an exciting, educational and memorable experience. Registration will begin on Wednesday March 25, 2020.  To register, visit our website www.tuscaloosaacademy.org and click on the Summer Knights link.  If you have further questions, please email Rene McNeal (rmcneal@tuscaloosaacademy.org)   See you in June as we explore, express, develop and stretch our mind all while simply having a good time. 

**Updated dates: July 6th-31st




Looking for a very fun activity this summer?  Martial Arts is the answer!  Looking for improved focus in school?  Martial Arts is the answer!  Looking for agility training?  Martial Arts is the answer!  Looking for the Best Summer Experience Ever! Martial Arts classes at Bailey's Tiger Rock Martial Arts is the answer.  Classes are available for ages 4 and up. Lessons are held 6 days a week at very convenient times. Bailey’s Tiger Rock Martial Arts has 3 locations so your travel time will be minimal. There are a LIMITED number of spots available for the “Train all Summer” program. Call today for further information and to reserve your spot. Tuscaloosa – 759-4711; Northport – 339-7071; Hillcrest – 343-6449.



Join us for Summer Camp this Summer, it’s going to be a blast!  We have so much planned for your child to enjoy.  We will be outside playing with animals, hanging with friends, swimming, riding horses, fishing, arts/crafts, movie time, learning time, and so much more. Call or text Kami @ 205.454.8841 for more information.  Drop off at Tuscaloosa Barnyard by 9am to start your day of fun!  We are so excited!  Come to our camp, $150 per week

*Bring your camp to us, $10 per person*




Imagine Your Story

Monday, June 1 – Friday, July 31, 2020


Join TPL this summer for our Imagine Your Story Summer Reading Program. Again, the calendar is full of awesome activities for kids and families with everything from magic, history, science, animals, and even didgeridoos!

Sign up begins May 2020 at your local library. All Free!


Summer Reading Schedule

Monday, June 1 - Friday, July 31



9:30 am: Weaver Bolden branch

2:00 pm: Main library



9:30 am: Main library

2:00 pm: Brown branch


Performers -  

June 2 and 3: Magician Tommy Johns - www.tommyjohnspresents.com

Have creative fun with great books, puppets, and magic.


June 9 and 10: Dynamic Education Adventures - www.dynamiceducationadventures.com

Dedicated to bringing engaging and exciting educational programs to your classroom, library, after-school program, and more!


June 16 and 17: Didgeridoo Down Under - www.didgedownunder.com  

Join us for stories and songs of Australia’s best known instrument -- the didgeridoo!


June 23 and 24: Gutsy the Flying Fox - https://gutsyfox.com

To bolster learning through encouraging world class entertainment and turn-key educational solutions.


June 29th through July 3rd: No Programs this week


July 7: UA Natural History Museum - https://almnh.museums.ua.edu

July 8: TBD 


July 14 and 15: Animal Tales - http://www.animaledzoocation.com/southeast

Enjoy a live animal education program that provides safe and entertaining fun for all ages.


July 21 and 22: TBD


July 28: TBD

July 29: UA Natural History Museum - https://almnh.museums.ua.edu


Visit us online at: www.tuscaloosa-library.org/summerreading

For more information or questions, call 205-345-5820.


University of Alabama - Summer Reading and Writing Programs

The UA Literacy Center’s summer programs are scheduled for June and July with individual and small group options for students in preschool through high school with varying instructional needs. The Reading Enrichment Program taught by university students offers early reading support for children in preschool and PK and enrichment for those K-5 students you want to keep motivated and excited about reading. The Reading Intervention Program taught by certified teachers targets K-6 students reading below grade level and provides expert instruction in the area(s) needed. The Writing Instruction Program taught by certified teachers is available for students in grades 5-12 and provides opportunities to learn writing strategies and includes exploring the Common App essay requirements for high school students. Please visit the Literacy Center website at www.literacy.ua.edu or you may contact Dr. Carol Donovanat cdonovan@ua.edu for more information. 


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