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The Capitol School

The Capitol School

2828 Gary Fitts Street

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401



 The Capitol School provides programs for Nursery/Preschool age students, Elementary and Upper School. Students are grouped into age-based cohorts. Each student moves ahead at his or her own pace without a “glass ceiling” that prevents learning above grade levels.


Ages 1 month – age 5 Nursery/Preschool provides care and education with Montessori materials and 11 certified teachers.


Ages 5 – 11 Elementary School’s three classrooms are led by Alabama certified teachers who earned Master’s degrees or higher. We offer a rich curriculum based on Multiple Intelligences.


Ages 11-14 Middle School teaches higher-level academic practices needed for analyzing text and data, organizing notes, writing with clarity and purpose, and presenting their ideas with confidence.


Ages 14-18 High School students pursue mastery learning of content for 9th through 12th grades. They expand academic skills, engage in community service, and pursue one of two paths to college and career readiness: Early College at UA or technical courses at Shelton State.


At Capitol School, students thrive, finding their own capacity for excellence in a caring, individual-focused learning environment. Parents have found our curriculum innovative and our faculty responsive to the needs of their children. We want what you want -- to see your child grow into a confident, engaged, ambitious and generous adult.




 Current Enrollment: 275


Ages: 1 month - 18 years


Admissions requirements: Transcript from previous school


Admissions Contacts:

Joy Foster, Nursery

Johnnie Pearson K-12


Private tours available


Registration dates: Feb. 1 - July 28 (classes close as enrollment progresses)


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