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Kids Life Supermom: Kacie Obradovich, Owner of Confetti Interiors

Kacie Obradovich, her husband Mark and their two children Milo and Cooper love to go snow skiing together. The greatest challenge Kacie finds in being a small business owner and mom is the lack of flexibility in retail and demanding hours “I cannot always volunteer or participate in school activities.”

Confetti Interiors was originally Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique in Northport, Al. Kacie worked for Sugarfoot’s Baby Boutique before her kids were born and just loved it. When the timing was right for her family, she jumped in with both feet: “After purchasing the existing business, we rebranded to include youth interiors and moved to downtown Tuscaloosa. However, we had the opportunity to relocate to our current location where we just celebrated our 5th anniversary as the neighborhood gift shop. I love sourcing just the right items to meet my customer’s needs. As a busy mom I know that we don’t have time to drive around looking for the perfect gift in the right price range. I work hard to check the boxes my customers are looking for at any given time or occasion.”

When asked about how the pandemic has affected her business, Kacie shared: “Wow, there is a lot to unpack on this one. The pandemic really forced me to make adjustments quickly so that we could continue to serve. We did it through our social media, our website, and by even setting up our windows for window shopping. I put all my creative thinking skills to the test. As hard as I worked to support our local customers, customers did the same in return. I will never forget how dedicated and intentional customers were with supporting Confetti as well as other local businesses.”


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