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Kids Life Supermom: Joanna Lemmon, Owner of Art Garage

Joanna is a wife to Andy and a mom to Michael and Henry. She and her family enjoy biking, hiking, and camping together. In her free time, she likes to run and clean house. When asked about her greatest challenge as a business-owner and mom, Joanna replied: “I have learned, and I am learning to balance owning the business with being a wife and mom. And that is hard! But I have a great family that helps make home life smoother and work life richer. I want our boys to see their mom as a hard worker, disciplined, and eager to learn. I hope they can remember these days as they grow and that it will help shape them into godly men and supportive spouses one day.”

Having been an elementary teacher, art teacher, and artist herself, Joanna’s journey of teaching littles, homeschool families, summer camps, and helping others with projects that needed a little creativity led her to the decision to open an art studio where children could come create and explore art. She points out that “often parents don’t want kiddos to make huge messes at home, but at the Art Garage, we don’t mind the mess so much and love letting little ones explore art in a whole new way.”

Art Garage just celebrated their first anniversary of opening their doors in August 2020. Joanna shared that “when we opened our doors, we were not sure what to think. But many people said the Art Garage was a blessing to them because they had a safe, clean place for their children to play and explore art while the schools were in limbo. So, the pandemic actually helped us, I feel, draw clients in that may not have heard about us otherwise. We hope that as this year hopefully shapes up to be a more normal school year, that parents will still bring their kiddos to our studio in the afternoons and on Saturdays. We want to be a refuge to the children. We know our community loves to support small, like they have done with us so well in the last year, and we pray that they will continue to help support us as life begins a slow return to normal.”

Art Garage also offers birthday parties, adult painting special events for Bible studies, mom or friend groups, and bunco which are lots of fun!



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