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Kids Life Supermom: Morgan Lancaster, Owner of Ivy House Boutique

Morgan is married to John and mom to 10 month-old Judson. The three of them love going on walks, hiking, swimming and anything outdoors. In addition to spending time outdoors with her family, Morgan enjoys reading and painting. Ivy House Boutique opened in September 2018 and is celebrating three years in business. Morgan’s biggest challenge in being a small business owner and mom are not wanting to miss moments with her son, especially all the “firsts”.

Morgan wanted to be more involved in the Tuscaloosa community and make a difference: “I absolutely love people and building relationships, so a store was the perfect option for me. I love making sure people know they are important, that they matter. So, I would say building relationships with my customers is what I love most. I love photoshoot days where all of my employees are at the store together ‘playing dress up.’ The positive atmosphere that surrounds those conversations is the most uplifting place to be. The clothes are an added bonus! I love choosing items and then seeing them come to life once they come in and building a store around them to market each piece.”

Like so many business owners at the start of the pandemic, Morgan was driven “to find new ways to reach customers and it showed me the support of our community. It really allowed me to tune in to our customers, refine our business strategy, narrow our focus, and grow my business more than I ever thought was possible.”

One of the things we love most when visiting Ivy House Boutique is that “Nine times out of ten you’ll come in to find a baby crawling around on the floor (and whatever mess he’s made) barefoot retail associates, and real conversations. We love clothes, that’s a given. But we love people even more. And we’re just real here. Whether you come from a workout or you just rolled out of bed or you’re in your most expensive outfit, you’re going to be treated the same. There is zero judgement and zero pressure here. We truly appreciate and love to see everyone who walks through the door!”


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