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Kids Life Supermom: Crystal Buck, Owner of Everlasting

Crystal Buck is the Owner of Everlasting in Historic Downtown Northport. She is married to Travis and mother to Juliana (6) and John Clayton (in Heaven). Crystal and her family enjoy spending time together, travelling, and playing games. Something you may not know about Crystal is that she speaks Spanish fluently and has a biology degree. When asked about her biggest challenge as a small business owner and mom, Crystal shared: “Being a small business owner means you wear MANY hats and that takes MUCH time. It’s hard to get it all done in a work day and many times that means work comes home.”

Everlasting began over eight years ago out of a tiny closet in Crystal’s home and has been at its Downtown Northport location for four years. “I NEVER EVER intended to go into business, but I’m thankful God’s ways are better than ours. We wanted to start a family and I felt that being in business for myself would allow me the flexibility I wanted to be a mom and still have a career.” When asked what she loves most about her job, Crystal replied “I love that my family is a part of it.”

Knowing the pandemic has been particularly difficult on most small businesses, we asked Crystal how it has affected Everlasting: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we set out to “be the light” to others and to keep our customers encouraged through it all. Turns out they did that for us! Our customers blessed us with their support, business, and encouragement. It humbles me still and I will never forget it.”


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