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homeRN: We Are Here For Your Family

Photography by: Mary-Keely Smith

The Tuscaloosa community is blessed to have such an amazing resource in homeRN, serving the city of Tuscaloosa and Northport. A concierge caregiving/nursing service, homeRN was established in Birmingham in 2020 by the owner and founder, Eliza Maxwell and expanded services to Tuscaloosa in 2021 and has been franchised to Tuscaloosa native, Bailey Walker Ray in the Spring of 2023. Bailey is a Registered Nurse, with a Masters in Nursing, so her skill set is a true asset for being the owner of the Tuscaloosa homeRN. With over 12 years of nursing experience, Bailey spent several years at the bedside before moving into an administrative role at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Committed to providing an option for those who need assistance in the home, or in a facility, the homeRN caregivers provide a wide range of tasks to assist the clients that homeRN has the privilege of serving. The caregivers assist with driving needs, companionship, meal preparation, activities of daily living, light housekeeping, and even around-the-clock care for those who are bedbound.

The homeRN team consists of an office administrator, and a full-time RN who manage the daily scheduling needs and nursing needs of the clients. Toni Ricks, homeRN’s nurse has 20 years of experience, primarily in the area of hospice care. Toni is responsible for training all caregivers to be equipped for their shifts within the clients’ homes, in addition to managing medical needs such as wound care, medication management, and in-home medical assessments and care. The homeRN nurse also takes on the role of being the liaison for the client and the team of physicians involved in their care. The office administrator, Bethany Smith, manages the scheduling needs of the clients, ensuring the caregiver assigned is the perfect fit for the client. Bethany has a Masters in Social Work and her Clinical licensure. Bethany has over 10 years of hospice experience, and an additional 4 years serving as a Preschool Director.

It is the mission of homeRN to provide hope for those seeking assistance to continue their independence, within their home, as long as possible. So many of our first phone calls are from sons or daughters who are feeling the weight of managing their parents’ care, while caring for their own children and maintaining their own careers and occupations. The “sandwich generation” can leave people feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and without options.

Created to bridge the gap for those who are faced with loved ones struggling to live independently, or needing assistance in small ways, homeRN is here to ease the heaviness that so many face as their loved ones have needs they cannot always fulfill.

In addition, homeRN serves all ages, as some of their clients are just a few years old, assisting families who may have children with special, or specific needs, such as feeding tubes, breathing treatments, or providing care so mom and dad can have a date night. At homeRN, every caregiver has a unique skill set that enables us to meet the needs of each and every client they serve.

“HomeRN has been a lifesaver for our family. With our sons complex medical needs it is very hard to find a sitter who is able to provide the care he needs. As a result we have had to forgo date nights and other functions As a Mom my number one priority is his safety but I also want our sitters to be comfortable being with a child that has medical equipment and complex needs. HomeRN has given us exactly that. We are now able to enjoy date nights and other outings knowing he is in safe hands. We are so thankful for the service they provide!” Paden Newman, Tuscaloosa, AL

The homeRN caregivers include nursing students, CNA’s, PCA’s, social work students, CNA students, and experienced caregivers who have been caring for others for years. Each caregiver has one thing in common, and that is a passion and commitment to serving and helping others. Each caregiver is screened through an interview process, including a background check and driving record check. At homeRN, the goal is not just to fill shifts, but rather to fulfill the needs of their clients with the right caregiver. The office administrator, RN and owner, take time each week to discuss each client and caregiver to ensure that both the client, and the caregiver, are satisfied with their shifts.

If you feel that homeRN could be a benefit to you please visit us at or feel free to give us a call at 205-789-7780. We would love to come alongside you and your family to assist in any way that we can.

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